Conversion Kit

The design and construction of the conversion was made from the beginning having in mind to be produced as a kit. Our aim is to produce a kit that contains the right instructions to be as easy as possible to be installed and of-course affordable.
Therefore the fiberglass is the material that is used for the construction of all the panels of this modification. Even the moldings of these panels are made of fiberglass.

The basic parts of the kit are the two sections of the roof, the cover of the roof-top, the engine cover and the tubular subframe. That subframe is manufactured in a jig and is used to reinforce the bodywork and support the roof. The parts of the roof are in a “sandwich” type.

Smaller pieces such as, window glasses,rear parcel shelf, hinges, roll bars etc., are also included in the kit.

You have to know that

  • The process for producing the kit is in progress.
  • The conversion has been registered as a community design (RCD).

convertios-kit-bugster-ziovasA convertios-kit-bugster-ziovasB